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If your eyes are the windows to your soul, you want to make sure they’re well-framed. Whether age or natural coloring has robbed you of well-defined eyebrows and eyelashes, the experts at Mannheim Med Spa in Franklin Park, Illinois, can help with microblading and lash extensions. Led by Myriam Yokana, MD, the team gives their clients brows and lashes that accent their eyes beautifully. To learn more, call or request an appointment using the online scheduler.

Microblading & Lash Extensions Q & A

What happens to eyebrows and eyelashes?

Just as hair elsewhere on your body begins to thin with age, so, too, does the hair around your eyes, including your eyelashes. Over years of rubbing your eyes and the natural decline in hormones, the delicate hair follicles on your lids begin to shut down and close up, leaving you with increasingly naked eyelids.

Your eyebrows also succumb to aging, leaving you with thinning and patchy hair growth. In addition, age also sometimes causes your eyebrow hair to become coarse, curly, and even gray.

While age is the primary culprit behind poorly accented eyes, your own natural coloring may have left you with very fine, light-colored hair that’s barely noticeable against your skin.

What is microblading?

Microblading is an exciting technique that brings back definition to your eyebrows through a tattooing technique. Your med spa specialist at Mannheim Med Spa uses a special tool that delivers ink below the surface of your skin in natural strokes that mimic your eyebrow hair.

The ink doesn’t go as deep as an actual tattoo, which means microblading is semi-permanent, typically lasting from one to three years.

During your initial consultation, your specialist reviews your goals, experiments by drawing in your eyebrows until you like what you see, and then schedules your microblading appointment.

The procedure doesn’t last long, and you only need to come back once after a few weeks for a quick touch-up.

What are lash extensions?

If you’re tired of thinning eyelashes that barely hold mascara, eyelash extensions provide a better solution. At Mannheim Med Spa, the aestheticians offer a variety of different lash extensions in varying lengths and shades to give you a dramatic, eye-opening look.

The extensions are glued to your existing lashes, so they last as long as your natural lashes do, typically six to eight weeks. Some patients return once a month for touch-ups for an uninterrupted look, while others wait until the growth cycle is complete.

If you’d like to open your eyes to the possibilities of microblading and lash extensions, call Mannheim Med Spa or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.