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Removing unwanted hair with shaving, waxing, or depilatories is inconvenient, messy, and often ineffective. At Mannheim Med Spa in Franklin Park, Illinois, Dr. Myriam Yokana and her experienced staff provide laser hair removal with the premier GentleMax Pro® laser system. It offers two lasers in one so it’s appropriate on both light and dark skin. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn more about how the GentleMax Pro laser can help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What is the GentleMax Pro laser?

The Gentlemax Pro laser is the gold standard for laser hair removal. It offers a dual wavelength laser platform that improves its capacity in terms of speed, efficacy, performance, safety, and ease of use. The energy of the laser destroys hair follicles in targeted areas through a series of treatments, but doesn’t harm surrounding skin.

What should I expect during laser hair removal treatment?

A technician at Mannheim Med Spa prepares your skin for treatment by cleansing it and providing eye protection. A member of the team then delivers the laser light pulses with a small handpiece to designated treatment areas.

The GentleMax Pro laser includes a cryogen spray that’s applied to your skin before each pulse, providing added comfort during your session. How long each treatment takes depends on the area being addressed; plan for 10 minutes for small areas to a full hour for larger ones.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Most patients tolerate the treatment very well, describing the sensation of the laser as a rubber band snapping against the skin. This discomfort is minimized by the cooling device built into the laser. If you’re concerned about the sensation, talk to Dr. Yokana about having a topical treatment applied prior to treatment.

What should I expect after laser hair removal treatment?

Right after your treatment session, you may have some swelling and redness with sensations like a sunburn. These sensations typically subside within a few hours after your session, but may last for two to three days in some people.

You can go back about your regular daily activities after laser hair removal. Do wear sunscreen, however, as your skin is more sensitive to the ultraviolet rays in the days following laser hair removal.

How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?

Exactly how many sessions you need depends on your skin, hair quality and thickness, and the area you have treated. You may notice a change in hair thickness after just one treatment, but hair grows in cycles so not all is effectively treated in one visit.

Most people require between three and eight treatments. You’ll set up a treatment plan with the staff at Mannheim Med Spa, with each treatment spaced about six to eight weeks apart.

Remove unwanted hair permanently with laser hair removal. Call the expert staff at Mannheim Med Spa or book an appointment online to learn more about this effective treatment today.